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Covid-19 Questions‚Äč

How will Covid-19 affect my wedding?

Is Dave Vaccinated?

YES! Dave has had both Jabs and the booster. 

What if Dave catches Covid-19?

Dave has had The Covid-19 Omicron variant and has fully recovered!

Will Dave wear a mask at my wedding?

Dave is more than happy to wear a face covering at your wedding when he is indoors around you and your guests. He will check with you to see what your personal preferences are and oblige when required. 

What if I need to postpone due to Covid-19 restrictions?

This is absolutely no problem. Dave will work with you to reschedule your wedding completely free of charge and aim to make sure he is available for your new date. In the rare circumstance that Dave is unable to perform on your new date, he will be more than happy to arrange one of his incredible DJs to provide their services for your wedding. Dave will still be at your disposal on the lead up to your big day.